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W Waste Water Treatment Plants (ETP)

Waste Water Treatment Plants (ETP)

etpIt’s a Journey to treatment and return to environment. Chemtronics specializes in development, engineering, construction & operation of enhanced waste water treatment plants. Waste Water Treatment Plants do just as they say. They treat the water that goes down our drains before releasing it back into the environment.

Control & Automation

The field of water treatment demands superior instrument performance and network ability. Our versatile systems highlight our continuous customer-oriented innovation and are developed to simplify any water treatment situation, which in turn will save you time.

An otherwise unattaiable synergy of hardworking valve elements, process actuation, sensors and networked communication provides a true single source of remarkably attractive systems. Peace of mind, process safety and ease of use in a world where application knowledge, reliability and quality are paramount.

Components are designed according to global norms and standards for you critical water applications. Proven reliability, superior accuracy and virtually maintenance-free service ensure Chemtronics system deliver unsurpassed total performance in the form of complete control loops systems.

  • Chemical Dosing System for Cooling tower & Boiler
  • PLC operated, Skid Mounted Chemical Dosing & Automatic Parameter
  • Control system with HMI and internet facility
  • Online pH, TDS Conductivity ORP, Temperature, Pressure, Flow & level Sensor, Transmitters & Controller 
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps (Metering Pumps) 
  • Bench & Pen Type pH & TDS meters 
  • Electric Panel (DP) 
  • High Pressure Pumps


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