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B Boiler Water Chemistry

Boiler Water Chemistry

Corrosion in Boiler Water System can result in energy inefficiencies and / or costly down time. All too often plant Managers learn this pain full lesson when they can least afford to. Boiler metal corrosion is the conversion of steel in to rust. Oxygen pitting and low pH are two forms of Boiler Water System corrosion. Scaling along with corrosion is also equally detrimental to Boiler over all efficiency. Our main products for boiler are based on:

  • Poly phosphate, Phosphonate based along with chelating agents to protect Boiler against scaling and Corrosion.
  • Oxygen scavengers to remove oxygen from Boiler feed Water and Boiler Water to avoid oxygen pitting.
  • State of the art blending mixture of Neutralizing Amines to protect Condensate Line against low pH induced corrosion.
  • Filming Amine to protect condensate water line.




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