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R RO Membrane Chemicals

RO Membrane Chemicals

It is necessary to establish water quality guidelines to optimized system performance and prevent the three main problems associated with RO: scaling, fouling, and degradation of RO membranes. Scaling occurs on RO membranes when the concentration of scale forming species exceeds saturation limit.  Fouling occurs when suspended solids, microbes and organic material deposit on the surface of the membrane. Soluble heavy metals, such as iron, ca be oxidized within membrane modules and foul the membranes.

Antiscalant & Antifoulant specially formulated for controls scale build up within polyamide or acetate cellulose membrane system, providing its long life time and reducing service costs. suitable for RO feed water with high and medium hardness.

Biocide & biodispersent controls growth of bacteria, algae and fungi that increase the efficiency and life of RO membrane.


ro membrane chemicals

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