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W Water Treatment Chemicals

Cooling Water Treatment

Most industrial production processes need cooling water for efficient proper operation. Refineries, steel mills, petrochemical plants, manufacturing facilities, food plants, large buildings, chemical processing plants, and electric utilities all rely on the cooling water system to do its job. Cooling water systems control temperatures and pressures by transferring heat from hot process fluids into the cooling water , which carries the heat away it works like a huge wet scrubber and subjected to scaling, corrosion, fouling and biological growth. So the chemical aspect is to protect the cooling water system and maintain efficiency with cost effective measures. Our products range is wide such as:

Organo Phosphorous, Poly phosphage, Zn based antiscalant and corrosion inhibitors to protect the cooling water system and Heat exchange surfaces against scaling and corrosion and to increase heat exchange efficiency with a minimum down time.

Polymer based Dispersants to keep the particulate matter in circulating water in dispersed from and avoid deposition and fouling.
Non oxidizing Biocides with broad spectrum to minimize and control the Growth of microorganisms.


Our main range of products falls in four categories including Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals, Acid inhibitors, Cleaning and Maintenance Chemicals.


cooling water treatment chemicals


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